Talyn is looking for new hires to join us in pursuit of a vision to reshape aerial transportation. Talyn is developing long-range electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for passengers and cargo. While there are many other companies in this space that may be familiar, they have a maximum achievable battery electric range of around 50 miles. Talyn can achieve at least 6X the range at over 300 miles, using the same battery tech, and can fly at meaningfully fast cruise speeds. We achieve this by making a very efficient electric fixed wing aircraft that can be released and caught mid-air with our custom winged drone, enabling the system to take-off and land vertically. An animation of the system can be seen at www.talyn.com.

We look forward to tackling the extremely hard challenge of making mid-air separation and docking of vehicles a reliable reality. Talyn was founded by two former SpaceX engineers with extensive experience in aircraft and rocket design, manufacture, and flight test. Jamie was a design engineer at Scaled Composites, a responsible engineer at SpaceX, and co-founder/principal engineer at Tendeg. Evan was a responsible engineer at SpaceX and worked extensively on the design and certification of the Crew Dragon capsule. They have known each other for 7 years, are both pilots, and started Talyn in mid-2019 with the goal of enabling a more environmentally responsible and inspiring future of aviation.


Responsibilities will include modeling aircraft dynamics, implementing simulations in both software- and hardware-in-the-loop tests, and designing and implementing the guidance and control algorithms required for the full Talyn vehicle system flight regime, including the critical separation and docking maneuvers. This will include integration with MATLAB/Simulink or similar software to simulate the vehicles, actuation on a docking simulation test stand, recording/post-processing test data, and interfacing with flight vehicle software. The candidate will also work with an autonomy engineer to design and implement control algorithms for the aircraft for separation and docking maneuvers and construct methods to correlate flight and test data. As Talyn is a startup, you should expect to wear many hats while working on the full stack vehicle system and simulation infrastructure, as well as all aspects of the business as desired and needed.


  • Ability to work in a sustained dynamic environment

  • Ability to balance subject precedence with first principles reasoning

  • Self-starter with ability to quickly learn new skills as required to solve problems

  • Ability to clearly communicate complex technical issues to a broad audience with different technical


  • Ability to foster and maintain a positive and enjoyable working environment for themselves and the team


  • Guidance, Navigation, and Controls experience required

  • Experience simulating vehicle dynamics, with a preference for aircraft

  • Familiarity with aircraft stability and control preferred

  • Experience with control algorithm design and implementation

  • Experience with Hardware-in-the-loop testing preferred

  • Proficiency in C++/Python/MATLAB/Simulink

  • Experience with trajectory, route, and mission planning algorithms preferred

  • B.S., M.S., or PhD in a related engineering field, e.g. computer science, electrical engineering, computer


  • Prior startup experience preferred